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Amber Waves: The Future of Farming, Sag Harbor Express, by Rachel Bosworth, May 24, 2017, Read the Article

Amber Waves Farm Purchases Amagansett Farmers Market and Farmland, East End Beacon, by Beth Young, February 22, 2017 Read the Article

Amber Waves Now Owns Its Amber Waves, Buys Amagansett Farmers Market Property, The Southampton Press, by Michael Wright, February 21, 2017 Read The Article



Pizza Fun at Amber Waves Farm, Eyeswoon, by Athena Calderone, November 2015 Read the Post

The Female Farmer Project, by Audra Mulken, June 2015 Read the Article

On the East End of Long Island, Embracing Local Wheat, New York Times, by Emily J. Weitz, January 30, 2015 Read the Article



A New Generation on the Farm, Part 5: From Seed to Table: How the Amagansett Wheat Project turns Local Wheat in Fresh Bread, The Kitchn, photos by Mallory Samson, October 2014, Read the Article

A New Generation on the Farm, Part 4: My CSA Experience at Amber Waves Farm, The Kitchn, photos by Mallory Samson, September 2014, Read the Article

The Chew on ABC, September, 2014, Watch the Clip

Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten: Potluck Party, The Food Network, August, 2014, Read episode summary (episode available to purchase on iTunes)

A New Generation on the Farm, Part 3: Meet the Apprentices of Amber Waves Farm, The Kitchn, photos by Mallory Samson, August 2014 Read the Article

A New Generation on the Farm, Part 2: A Day in the Life of a Farm, The Kitchn, photos by Mallory Samson, July 2014 Read the Article

Cherry Bombe Radio interview with Julia Turshen on Heritage Radio Network, July 2014 Listen to the interview

Seeds of Success by James Servin, Beach Magazine, July 2014 Read the article

A New Generation on the Farm, Part 1: Get to Know Your Farmers, The Kitchn, photos by Mallory Samson, June 2014 Read the Article

NPR  interview with Amy Eddings on WNYC All Things Considered/Last Chance Foods, April 2014 Listen to the Interview



Harvest in the Hamptons by Elettra Wiedemann, Cherry Bombe: The Baked Issue, November 2013 Read Article

Anatomy of an East End Chicken Slaughter by Steven Waldman, Edible East End, November 2013 Read Article

Visiting the Source – A Chef in the Field: Wheat Berries by Jeff Schwarz and Greg Kessler, T Magazine Blog, August 13, 2013 Read Article

On Good Land: Fully Seasoned by Emma Leavens, Edible East End, June 2013 Read Article

An Interview with Katie Baldwin by Kirsten Blake, Chapter Be Blog, June 15, 2013 Read the Interview

An Interview with Amber Waves Farm by Stefanie Sacks, Stirring the Pot Radio, April 28, 2013 Listen to the Interview

Designing with Farmers: A Design Evening with Apartment Therapy, February 20, 2013 Watch the Interview



Growing Farmers: A Documentary featuring Amber Waves, Quail Hill, Balsam Farms, and many others. Winner of the 2012 Hamptons Film Festival Audience Award for Best Short Film. Watch the Documentary

Hamptons Rental: A Farm, by Will James, The Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2012  Read Article

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces FreshConnect Grant for Amber Waves Farm

The FreshConnect Grant will help fund Amber Waves Farm’s project to encourage local organic farmers to sell surplus produce to Long Island Cares, the local food bank, which in turn will make more organic produce available to low-income families throughout Long Island.

Office of the Governor, Press Release, May 3, 2012 Read Article

Uncommon Goods: Amber Waves Farm, by Rosalyn Luetum

Food Systems Network NYC, January 10, 2012 Read Article



Notable Edibles: Farm to Food Pantry, by Eileen M. Duffy

Edible East End, December 8, 2011 Read Article

Meet the Next Generation of Farmers, by Amanda Coen

offManhattan, September 28, 2011 Read Article

School Gardens of the East End, by Ellen Watson

Edible East End, Fall 2011 Issue Read Article

The Ten Mile Dinner, by Andrew Rudansky

The Sag Harbor Express, October 21, 2011 Read Article

Amber Waves Farm was recently featured on an episode of the Barefoot Contessa show titled “Going Local” on the Food Network. Ina is writing an article about eating locally & she’s challenged herself to make a meal entirely from Hampton’s ingredients including fresh eggs from our happy free-range hens. Check out Ina Garten’s delicious recipes from the show here.



Artisanal Products, GOOP’s Favorites, by Gwyneth Paltrow

GOOP, September 23, 2010 Read Article

Amber Waves Farm, Amagansett, by Joanne Wilson

Gotham Gal, August 19, 2010 Read Article

Unlikely Harvest for 2 Young Farmers, by Laurel Berger

New York Times, August 1, 2010 Read Article

Amber Waves: Wild About Wheat, by Hollis MacDonald

East Hampton Star, July 8, 2010 Read Article

East End Farming Community Anxiously Awaits Local Wheat Crop, by Erin Geismar

East Hampton Press, July 6, 2010 Read Article

‘Gansett’s New Waves: Grain Grows from a Kernel of an Idea, by Annette Hinkle,

The Sag Harbor Express, June 25, 2010 Read Article

Farmers Look to East Hampton for Eased Restrictions, by Beth Young

East Hampton Press, June 6, 2010 Read Article



Edible Entrepreneurs: Reaping Benefits, by Geraldine Pluenneke

Edible East End, High Summer 2009 Read Article

Amber Waves Farm was recently featured on an episode on the Barefoot Contessa show titled “Farm Stand Food” on the Food Network. “It’s back to basics on farm stand food. From one local farm box delivered by farmers from the Amber Waves Farm, Ina creates three farm fresh dishes: Scalloped Tomatoes, Cape Cod Chopped Salad and Zucchini Pancakes. Ina is then answering everyone’s farm fresh produce questions in Ask Ina.”  Check out Ina Garten’s delicious recipes here

Farmers Behind the Market, Amber Waves are rising in Amagansett, by Isabel Carmichael

East Hampton Star, September 17, 2009 Read Article

Trial Ground for Amber Waves, by Beth Young

East Hampton Press, May 19, 2009 Read Article