2019: Week 3

Week 3 already! This week’s box is another celebration of greens for salads, stir-fries, pestos, and green juices. We think this may also be the first time in CSA history that all three members of the “goosefoot” plant family that we grow on the farm are in the box in the same week (chard, spinach, baby beets). As farmers we think a lot about plant families for crop rotations, plant care, spacing and timing, and pest and disease pressure in the fields, but unless you have an allergy to a specific family, as an eater the concept of plant families may be new to you. The goosefoots (feet?) are a much smaller family than some of the others we grow (brassicas or cruciferous include: broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, radishes, arugula, and so many more; nightshades or solanaceous include: peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, but NOT sweet potatoes!) For fun we’ve listed the plant families next to each of the items in this week’s box, hopefully you find some new fun facts for the day!

The luscious greens (of all families) in the box have been loving the weather over the last week, and really shot up over those few warm sunny days we finally had. While we’re harvesting lots of greens these days, we’ve discovered on our field walks that the first of the baby zucchinis are forming, the cucumbers are coming along, and while the tomatoes are at least a month a way the plants in our earliest planting are flowering and looking great (pruning those tomatoes is on our long to do list for this week…) wish us luck with it all and we’ll see you next week!

This week’s box:

  • Bagged Baby Salad Greens (mix of brassica family)

  • Head Lettuce (Asteraceae family; fun fact: same family as artichokes and sunflowers!)

  • Baby Beets (goosefoot family)

  • Napa Cabbage (brassica family; combine with the scallions and kohlrabi for kimchi, or slice lengthwise in half or quarters, lightly coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and throw it on the grill (that’s Amanda’s favorite way to enjoy Napa cabbage and kale…))

  • Pea Shoots (legume family; have you made pea shoot pesto yet??)

  • Scallions (allium family)

  • Kohlrabi (brassica family; chop up and cook the leaves, too)

  • Swiss Chard (goosefoot family; chop up and quickly steam or sauté like spinach)

  • Spinach (goosefoot family)

Optional on the side:

  • Kale (brassica family)

  • Pea Shoots (legume family)

  • Mint (Labiatae family; add it to a cocktail, you deserve it!)

  • Edible Flowers (brassica family; taste like sweet broccoli, sprinkle on salads or use as a garnish for meats, a veggie dish, or beautiful cocktail)

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