2018: Week 4

It’s a sign summer is upon us when the fields are filling up and we begin running out of room to plant! The fields remained soggy in the beginning of the week from the heavy rains and our crew sported galoshes and rain pants while harvesting for Tuesday’s CSA.  When the ground is too wet, it prevents us from doing tractor work since we risk compaction of the soil (not to mention some sticky situations with equipment stuck in mud). But the wind and sun dried everything out and we were able to resume transplanting. The thousands of seedlings in our greenhouses have transitioned into the ground – many of which will stay there until fall. These include crops like tomatoes, peppers, kales, and many of our flowers. We’ll keep seeding and planting other crops (lettuce, radishes, baby greens, and sunflowers) all season long for continual replenishing

We spotted the first of the zucchinis and summer squash this weekend, and you may have been one of the lucky market shoppers who snagged a coveted pint. Swiss chard and broccolini also made their summer debut.

This weekend we put some final touches on our new washing and processing station on the back porch of our market. Our previous station was back by the barn, under some arborvitae trees, but now we have a roof, quick access to refrigeration, and a loading dock. Simple but luxurious upgrades for our crew! This week we also welcomed some new crew members for the summer months to help us with bigger harvests and longer days ahead.

Until next week!

This Week's Box: 

  • Collards 
  • Kale
  • Baby Lettuce Mix
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Head Lettuce
  • Green Garlic
  • Kohlrabi
  • optional - radishes
  • optional - broccoli spigarello
  • optional - chicory

This Week's Bread:

  • Carissa's Pickled Rye

This Week's Cheese:

  • Mecox Blue Cheese 

Collards make a great sandwich or spring roll wraps raw or lightly cooked whole with a bit of oil. 

Napa cabbage is great in slaws. You could substitute the scallions for green garlic in this recipe. 

Try out this simple recipe for an introduction to the spigarellos, a cousin of broccoli and broccoli rabe (fondly known as "the spigs" to our farmers).