2016: CSA Box Week 25

This week’s box contains the debut of Jerusalem artichokes, or “sun chokes.” We think it’s a pretty fitting addition to this week’s box on election day today, since they are a 365-day crop (meaning we planted them this time last year, they grow for a full year before they’re harvestable), the timing of which feels like it mirrors the never-ending more-than-year-long saga leading up to today’s national election. They’re a root crop that resembles ginger in appearance, but if you’ve never had them, trust us, they’re nothing like ginger! We call them “sun chokes” because of the sunflowers produced by each cluster of roots throughout the summer. They’re a perennial, and are “supposed to” spread like crazy, so we hope they’ll become an Amber Waves mainstay for years to come. Sun chokes are typically harvested after the first heavy frost…which we haven’t had yet…but we’ve been waiting long enough! We didn’t want to risk them never making it into your box in 2016, so frost or not, they’re making an appearance in this week’s share and also next week’s pick up, which is the last of the season. There are a few recipes for these babies below, we hope you enjoy them!

This week’s box also contains an interesting collection of a variety of intense flavors and textures…from spicy (mustard greens, jalapenos, radishes), to sour (sorrel), to sweet (sweet potatoes, pie pumpkin, and even the kale this time of year!) to fresh, bright, and pungent (celery, parsley). You can prepare this week’s share in a variety of ways – by making a selection of soups and salads, a roasted or sautéed vegetable medley, and there’s even potential for a pie in there! There are some recipes below to get you started, have fun!

This week’s box:

  • Celery (pungent, a little goes a long way!)
  • Savoy Cabbage
  • Italian Kale (getting sweeter this time of year!)
  • Mustard Greens (spicy, great addition to green salad or roast a chicken/fish on top of a bed of mustard greens – the greens soften and absorb the juices but still maintain some of their spice)
  • Sorrel (sour, tangy herb)
  • Parsley
  • Radishes
  • Pie Pumpkin (not just for decoration – it’s great for soups and pies!)
  • Sweet Potatoes (you may have a stockpile of these going by now, they should store well in the pantry for weeks to come)
  • Jerusalem Artichokes (sun chokes, suggestions below!)
  • Jalapeños
  • Yellow Onion

In the fields to pick:

  • Herb Garden
  • The last few cosmos, nasturtiums, raspberries

This week’s bread share:

  • Sourdough: Carissa’s one-and-one-half pound sourdough loaf is made using a natural rising agent first cultured in Amagansett in 1968. The starter is combined with bread flour, salt, and water, then given days to reach maximum flavor and peak fermentation before.

This week’s cheese share:

  • Mozzarella from Villa Italian Specialties

This week’s fruit share:

  • Apples from Briermere Farms

This week's recipes: