2016: CSA Box Week 26

We made it! We are so grateful for your partnership for 26 weeks – half the year of weekly boxes. This week’s box is meant to be a celebration of what’s going on in the fields, and also to give you some space to take your time preparing it, as the next ten days are filled with travel, hosting out-of-town visitors, and so much cooking. So rest assured that most of this week’s box can relax in the fridge or on the counter until you’re ready for it – either as a part of your Thanksgiving meal or for family meals leading up to that big day (you should eat those ovation greens this week…the rest of the box will last in the fridge in a sealed plastic bags with a moist paper towel).

People always ask us what we farmers do all winter, and yikes, there’s a lot! We have already started interviewing some extraordinary candidates for next year’s crew, which is always an exciting process. We plan our field layout, order seeds, assess the past season for successes and failures, and plan the new CSA details. We also launch our annual year-end fundraising campaign to support our educational programming (you can make your year-end gift to the farm online at any time!) By the time we do all of that…and maybe take couple weeks off…it’s mid-February and time to get back to it, turning on the greenhouses, starting seedlings, and getting ready for the coming season!

Again we’d like to express our gratitude to all of you who have joined us for the long haul, and we hope you’ll join us again next season! Look out for a CSA member survey and sign up details for the 2017 season coming within the next several weeks!

This week’s box:

  • Ovation Greens Mix
  • Baby Italian Kale
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Scallions
  • Garlic
  • Pie Pumpkin
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Savoy Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Sun Chokes
  • Red Potatoes (from Quail Hill Farm)
  • Pickles
  • Whole Wheat Flour

This week’s fruit share:

  • Apples from Briermere Farms

This week’s bread share:

  • Brioche Loaf: Carissa’s golden buttery brioche loaf is baked using bread flour, locally grown freshly milled whole wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs, yeast, sugar & salt. Each loaf is washed with egg, cream & honey just before baking. Makes an amazing french toast!!

This week’s cheese share:

  • Sigit (Gruyere style cheese) from Mecox Bay Dairy

In the fields to pick:

  • Herb Garden

This week's recipes: