Gutting a Fish with Dock to Dish

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Gutting a Fish with Dock to Dish


Trevor Swope will walk us through the basics of gutting, scaling and filleting a whole fish caught by our friends at Dock to Dish.  We will also learn how to make ceviche, a popular Latin American dish made with raw fish, and marinated in citrus.  Ceviche is a delicious appetizer sure to impress your summer dinner guests!  Each student will take home two filets of fish to prepare at home, with recipe suggestions from the feedfeed.  At the end of the workshop, participants will enjoy fresh ceviche together in the farm fields at Amber Waves.

    About Trevor Swope and Dock to Dish

Dock to Dish is a community supported fishery started by Sean Barrett in Montauk.  It has since evolved into a restaurant supported fishery —providing weekly fresh, seasonal fish to chefs. They have expanded to restaurants in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Costa Rica.  They are stewards of our marine ecosystem, ensuring that succeeding generations can continue to benefit from its resources. Trevor Swope is a local fisheries expert and has been working with Dock to Dish the past few years.  He has also trained at the fish filet station at Blue Hill and Per Se.

About FeedFeed

Feedfeed is a crowdsourced digital cooking publication and community started by Amber Waves Farm chairman, Julie Resnik.  The publication inspires people to cook,  share, and explore recipes and meals with others in the community.  

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