Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin at an Amber Waves Farm Copper Oven Dinner in 2015

Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin at an Amber Waves Farm Copper Oven Dinner in 2015


Amanda Merrow

Amanda was raised in Shaftsbury, VT and derives her inspiration and love of working outdoors from her childhood days roaming and exploring her family’s 100 acre retired dairy farm. A graduate of Hamilton College with a BA in Economics and Environmental Studies, Amanda took her love of numbers and nature and created modern farm business, Amber Waves Farm, that focuses on biodiversity, soil health, delicious food, and conviviality. Founding Amber Waves Farm with her business partner, Katie, has been a wild and joyous ride with long days, thrills, spills, and lots of laughs. As a preeminent organic farmer and voice of the next generation of sustainable and regenerative agriculturalists, Amanda has been recognized for her work with the land and community in numerous publications and media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on the Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa. Amanda serves on multiple Boards and committees including the Long Island Farm Bureau, East Hampton Agricultural Advisory Committee and the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee.  

Katie Baldwin

Katie was born in Pasadena, CA and spent her early years in a small rural town outside of San Antonio, TX. She graduated with a BA in International Studies from the University of Southern California and worked at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan. The decision make a career shift and explore food from the ground up began with the book This Common Ground which led her on a path to experiencing food production on multiple farms in Southern California and discovering a love of farming after a season’s long apprenticeship with Scott Chaskey. Here she met her business partner (and best friend!), Amanda, and the two decided to go into business together and start their own farm (originally thought of a pizza farm), Amber Waves, in 2009. A decade of working with the land and feeding a community has created a deep appreciation and connection to Amagansett where she lives with her husband Dan and daughter Beatrice.