Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin at an Amber Waves Farm Copper Oven Dinner in 2015

Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin at an Amber Waves Farm Copper Oven Dinner in 2015


Our mission is to produce organic, healthy food for our local community, to reintroduce wheat to our local East End of Long Island food shed, and to provide educational opportunities in agriculture and food at our farm. Since the beginning, our passion for good food and hard work has been driven by our desire to share the story of food with our community which we do through each of Amber Waves Farm’s program areas - our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, Children's Food Education Program, Apprenticeship Program, and the Amber Waves Market + Kitchen.

We founded Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, New York in 2009 after completing an agricultural apprenticeship program together in 2008 at nearby Quail Hill Farm. We started Amber Waves Farm in 2009 with an empty field, 18 CSA members, and our combined savings of $5,000. Over the last nine seasons, we have increased our vegetable production from a single acre to 10 acres in order to support a Community Supported Agriculture program that has grown from our original 18 members to more than 175 families. We have welcomed tens of thousands of children and families through our farm’s gates for tasting tours and experiential learning activities. Our Apprenticeship Program has turned out 25 new organic farmers, all of whom are actively working in food and agriculture since completing their apprenticeships at Amber Waves Farm.

People often ask us if what we do at the farm is viable – and our answer is always that it has to be. Everybody eats! As a town, a state, and a nation we have to feed ourselves, and if we are to do this in a sustainable, efficient way, we must teach people how to grow and eat food responsibly. Not every working farm in America needs to be an educational farm – but some of them do if we want to share with people the story of their food in order to create both conscientious eaters and future farmers. We are committed to this mission at Amber Waves Farm.

Hope to see you at the farm soon!

Your Farmers, 

Katie & Amanda