We are currently scheduling field trips for the spring and summer seasons!

At Amber Waves Farm, we passionately believe that connecting eaters, especially children, to their food and the farmers who grow it is the foundation for building their lifelong commitment to land stewardship and empowered healthy eating. We are committed to teaching children about farm-to-table nutrition and the story of their food.

The Amber Waves Farm Food Education Program empowers children to establish a connection with their food by bringing them into the fields to see, touch, smell, and taste new and familiar flavors. In seven years of working with children on the farm we have established collaborative partnerships with more than 20 elementary schools, summer camps, and after school programs, and welcomed thousands of children to the farm.

Field Trips at Amber Waves Farm

Field trips at Amber Waves Farm provide an environment for young thinkers to explore and participate in experiential learning outside of the classroom. Join us for an educational and fun-filled visit to the farm! 

During your time here we’ll walk the fields discovering new tastes, picking some treats to take home, and looking for all types of opportunities to teach students along the way. From our chickens to our tractors, and our veggies to our fruits, there are plenty of things to see (and taste!) here at the farm. We’ll talk about what it takes to be a farmer while letting students interact and ask any questions they may have for our farmers. By the end of the trip, students gain a passion for agriculture and a better understanding of their community, as well as where their food comes from.

A farm field trip is also an excellent opportunity to connect key classroom concepts to real-life examples. We can customize your trip to the farm based on what your class is covering inside of the classroom in order to provide clear connections during your time here at the farm. 

Scheduling a visit is easy and flexible. You can arrange a single trip to the farm or setup a recurring schedule to allow your students multiple trips to understand (and taste!) the ever-changing (and delicious!) landscape here at the farm.

Farmer in the Classroom

If you can’t make it to the farm, we also offer our Farmer in the Classroom program! Our Farmer in the Classroom program focuses on a variety of fresh produce and agricultural topics specifically developed for your class or specific subject. Scheduling allows you to arrange a one-time visit from a farmer or you can set up a recurring schedule for regular visits!

To schedule a field trip at Amber Waves Farm or a Farmer in the Classroom visit, please fill out the form below with preferred date/time, ages of the group you are inquiring about, and any specific topics you would like to cover during your field trip or visit and our Director of Education will get in touch!

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