At Amber Waves Farm, we passionately believe that connecting eaters, especially children, to their food and the farmers who grow it is the foundation for building their lifelong commitment to land stewardship and empowered healthy eating. We are committed to teaching children about farm-to-table nutrition and the story of their food.

The Amber Waves Farm Food Education Program empowers children to establish a connection with their food by bringing them into the fields to see, touch, smell, and taste new and familiar flavors. In seven years of working with children on the farm we have established collaborative partnerships with more than 20 elementary schools, summer camps, and after school programs, welcoming thousands of children to the farm.

Interested in scheduling a trip?

Amber Waves Farm offers educational field trips for students to explore the world outside their classroom.  The farm provides an environment for hands-on experiential learning while making connections to curriculum in the classroom. During farm visits, we walk the field, visit the animals, explore the greenhouses, and use our senses to touch, smell and taste the harvest!  We help students make connections about farms, food and the unique history of agriculture on Long Island.  Our intent is for every child who visits the farm to be able to answer the following questions:

Where does my food come from?

Who grows my food?

What is a farmer’s job?

Why do we need farmers?

How does a seed become a plant?

Check back soon for scheduling a fall field trip!