2019 CSA Membership Details and Perks:

First, what is CSA membership?

When you join as a member of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) you’re making a commitment to local agriculture by sharing the risks and rewards of the farming season with us. Each week you'll arrive at the farm to pick up a box of fresh, seasonal produce grown by our farm crew. But it's more than just a box of veggies; by prepaying for your season's worth of fresh food, you’re helping us cover the cost of seeds and supplies we need early in the season, and in return we’ll reward you with the best variety and quality of produce we have to offer all season long!  Keep scrolling to read more about the perks of being a farm member.

CSA Membership Details

 Your share length choices are:

  • 4th of July - Labor Day weekend (9 weeks; $520)

  • Memorial Day - Labor Day weekend (15 weeks; $775)

  • Memorial Day - Columbus Day weekend (21 weeks; $945)

  • Memorial Day - Thanksgiving week (27 weeks; $1,125)

  • New This Season: Labor Day - Thanksgiving week (12 weeks $495)

  • New This Season: Summer Weekender ($200 market gift card plus four box pick ups: Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Columbus Day)

  • For a peek at last year’s boxes and recipes, click here.

*No matter your chosen season length, you may also choose to add a bread, fruit, or cheese share to your weekly pickup. Visit the signup page for a full description of our optional add-on shares. 

Your pickup time choices are:

  • Tuesdays at the farm from 8am-noon

  • Fridays at the farm from 3pm-6pm

  • Saturdays at the farm from 8am-noon

Weekly CSA pickup is at the farm, located at 375 Main Street in Amagansett

Here’s what you get as a member:

We really appreciate your commitment to the farm and want you to feel good about your choice to join us!

  • The Box: The weekly box of fresh vegetables is the basis of the CSA membership. Fresh, seasonal veggies are picked straight from our fields all season long! Choose the season-length that works best for you: 9, 12, 15, 21, or 27 weeks with a variety of start and end dates to accommodate your family’s schedule.

  • Add-on Shares (optional): Choose to add a weekly bread, fruit, or cheese share to supplement your box of veggies!

  • U-Pick in the Fields: In addition to your weekly box of veggies, you’ll have access to special U-Pick areas of the field, which include (depending on the time of season): flowers, herbs, raspberries, shishito peppers, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, peas, and a few other treats.

  • Weekly Newsletter: Each week you’ll receive our newsletter updating you on what’s going on in the fields, what’s new in the box, and our farmer-recommended recipes for how to use your bounty.

  • CSA Member Handbook (new this season!): Printed information about the farm, an outline of member perks and policies, and information about the vegetables we grow and our farmer-based suggestion of how to store and cook the produce that arrives in your weekly box.

  • CSA Member Orientation: Join us for snacks and socializing to kick of the season! We’ll give you an overview of the farm and its programs, your role as a CSA member, and tour the fields with our farm crew.

  • Member Discount: As a member of the farm you’ll receive a 10% discount in our farm store and all farm events including DIY Pizza Pie events and weekly educational workshops. (The store discount applies to primary family members of the CSA share, and is not transferable to friends or guests picking up your share in your place).

  • CSA Potlucks: We’ve hosted a few of these events before, but now we’re committed! We’ll schedule three free farm member potlucks throughout summer. The farm will provide music and pizzas from our wood-burning oven, you bring the salads and sides!

Here's what we get as your farmers:

  • Financing: Your on-time payments early in the season are critical for us to buy seeds, supplies, and get growing!

  • Insurance: Your commitment to the farm and understanding of the challenges inherent in agricultural production spreads the risks and rewards of the growing season between us. Together we'll share both the failures and successes of each season, we count on your membership dues to support the farm even in cases of massive crop failure caused by weather events, insects, or disease.

  • Flexibility: Season-long commitments to the farm by members enable us some flexibility within our crop planning, and help us absorb excess/bumper crops of a particular item during times of great abundance, which helps us cut down on food waste.

  • Freedom: Your support of the farm's mission as an educational farm gives us the freedom to experiment with new crops, growing methods, and projects while doing our most important work: training our crew of Apprentices who will go on to become the next generation of farmers in America. We sacrifice some efficiency via this training and experimentation model, but our belief in information-sharing and teaching is the basis for Amber Waves Farm, and your support helps us continuously pursue that mission.

  • Feedback: We want to make our members happy! We want to know your favorites and least favorites so we can continue to improve our crop list (while we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone to eat with the seasons and try unfamiliar vegetables).

  • Family: We readily acknowledge that we couldn't have come this far without you. Your support and encouragement (some of you for the full ten seasons!) is the lifeblood of the farm (family is also a literal term here - Katie first met her husband, Dan, when he joined our CSA!)